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Leonard "Graffiti" Johnson

Leonard ‘Graffiti’ Johnson grew up in the Montbello section of Denver, Colorado (now, a working class neighborhood, but at that time, a far more harsh environment) as a creative, artistic kid with a heavy interest in technology. Johnson learned at an early age the value of responsibility, work ethic and the foundations of good leadership. Because of his love of art (the nickname ‘Graffiti’ isn’t a fluke), outspoken personality and unique, forward thinking, a career in media and digital strategy was a natural progression. Evolving into one of the most sought after media personalities in the industry was all a part of the plan.


Graffiti got his start in the entertainment industry as a music producer for local artists, building relationships and learning the ins and outs of the game as he went. As his talent and knowledge of the hustle advanced, the opportunity to focus on graphic design and brand expansion emerged into a full-fledged branding and multi-media lifestyle company; Life is Dope. 


The creation of Life is Dope allowed Graffiti to bring all of his talents under one umbrella with a specific focus on working with people, places and brands that advance the movements of music, art and entertainment. One of the main media properties at Life is Dope is the podcast by the same name that is both mantra and declaration.


His casual, attentive demeanor makes room for celebrities, politicians, athletes, health experts, financial advisors, even adult entertainers, to share their stories, passions and dreams during interviews. For Graffiti, one of the most important goals as a media personality is to build a platform where an elevated mindset is the mission and he can give the people what they want; entertainment and information.  


Connection, visual design, branding, multimedia journalism and an ever-present ear to the streets are the methods of operation that make Graffiti one of the strongest voices of authority on culture innovation and media development.

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